Low-key, Unexpected Failures & Time.

I decided to be low-key after having issues in my life. I swear that I contained bad luck starting from December 2017 til now. So far, I had been procrastinating, the list that I had planned to do for me to become successful ended up being a failure as well as the fact that my so-called support system has been missing cause someone who seems attractive has swift them away. God bless my soul, and I MEAN IT!!! I remember getting into a massive argument about how I wasn’t a huge fan of them supporting the “person” for betraying aka using me and I no longer want to be part of their life. Yet, I made no sense to them, and it doesn’t bother me, no more. Will remain invisible til they feel like “Damn, she’s right”.

From what I had done so far to make me feel happy:

• Deactivate all my social media accounts
• Put my phone on airplane mode which means that I no longer won’t be part of anyone’s life til I get my life straight.

Sadly, I got no ideas, my so-called bestie nor had my deceased grandfather came to help me. Which is oddly strange, they’re usually the ones who comfort me when I’m sad or lonely. Often, life is filled with tests. To enter the next level, you must excel one. Yet, I’m struggling badly. It got to the point where I was desperate and decided to go to the bad path. Of course, I had told someone because I didn’t want to disappoint the person who was there for me since day one aka my Thambi. He did somewhat be okay even though I wasn’t specific. But he did write a message, but this part caught my eye.

“Be smart, think positive, push forward, and don’t give up because hard times now means good times are to come.”

So, I dropped my plans and decided to be patient and try to expand my skills into a different field of studies. It ended up being a flop. The classes that I took eventually got cancelled and I was extremely heartbroken. None of my plans is working out well at all. Not going to lie, but I don’t know what my plans for the future are no more. I do distract myself from keeping myself from falling into depression. Hopefully, it works.

Please excuse me for loving the Kardashian a bit, but Kourtney once said on Episode 15 of Season 14: Diamonds Are Forever.

“I’m realizing that I don’t need my sister’s permission, ideas or feedback to do my own thing. Everybody finds their path at different times.Whether its interior design or something else. I’m just in a place right now in my life with work and relationship where I just need to take in charge and really live life for myself and my kids.”



Krishani Official – It Might Be The End…

My bestfriend and I had started doing vlogs on June 10th. Apparently, I was in charge of the editing and making sure the video was appropriate to share with the public. Since no one really knows me, I felt that Youtube will allow me to be real and show my lifestyle. Hopefully, our Youtube channel makes people smile during their horrible days. That’s what our channel goal is. The other excuse is that our computer storage is filled up. Hopefully, I could free some space on the computer.

That was the actual blog post I was about to published months or maybe a year ago. But now that the Youtube Channel has been put aside due to sudden changes in our life. Such as the fact that our schedule doesn’t allow us to meet each other or accomplish certain things.
Therefore, the vlog has come to end or so….Maybe…. But who knows…

But if i had to be brutally honest, I decided to avoid any kind of teamwork for now #peace

Some of the following videos that I shot and edited on my own. The rest is private due to the fact I was a bit annoyed.

“But that doesn’t mean I will stop making and editing videos. Currently getting my life straight at the moment.”

Small Dream. Short Blog.

I haven’t had the time to do blogs lately or go on social media. It’s not because I’m avoiding you guys or so but I got 12 pending yet incomplete blogs waiting to be published. Will post them when I got some time. Til Then here’s a pic of me dreaming to settle in one of the most amazing countries I heard of. Not sure why my role model a.k.a Akka who was raised there chose not to stay. Oh well, need to convince my parents that I no longer plan to live in Canada.
P.s. Exams tend to make me dream at times.
P.s.s. I’m currently working on a big project 😛 (Hopefully it goes well)




Repost: @james_clear

I found this picture with a bunch of quotes found under it on Insta.

The success you see others experiencing is rarely as sexy as it appears to be


Repost: @tiabhuva : I came across this post on Reddit – initially written by @james_clear .

1. People naturally want to share the most photogenic version of their life and seldom discuss the process behind the scenes.
2. The results of success are usually public and highly visible, but the process behind success is often private and hidden from view.
3. The deception of success is greater now than ever before because social media curates the best, happiest and biggest moments to show us.
4. When your screen is filled with examples of the strongest, richest, and smartest, it’s easy to overvalue the outcome & undervalue the process.
5. You start to think there are people out there who have somehow “hacked life” such that there are only rewards and no consequences.
6. You can’t cherry-pick your favourite parts of a lifestyle. When you choose the benefits of an action, you also choose the drawbacks.
7. The great trick of success is that to actually achieve it you have to want the public rewards and the hidden costs.

8. If you’re not willing to 100 percent swap with who that person is, then there is no point in being jealous.

9. Maybe jealousy and envy would fade if we knew the full story behind success. Maybe we would be less likely to put people on a pedestal.

Mango Lassi

My grandma bestfriend came to visit with a lot of treats carried in her bag. Apparently, mango pulp was one of them. No one literally uses mango pulp as an ingredient in my household. We either had a choice to re-gift it to someone or we could risk it by making something out of it. So we decided to try making mango lassi with the help of the internet and my sister friends. So don’t be surprised….


– Mango Pulp ( a can)
– Plain Yogurt (1 cup)
– Milk (1/2 cup)
– Sugar (4 tsp)
– Mango pieces (1 cup)

Optional Ingredients:
– Ice
– Cardamom


– Add mango pulp, mango pieces, yogurt, milk, and sugar into the blender and blend.
– Add some ice in the blender (optional).
– Add a pinch of ground cardamom on the lassi (optional).
– The lassi can be kept refrigerated for up to 24 hours.


P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy this easy and ready-made drink 🙂

Food for Thought

Welcome to my food blog where I will cook and enjoy my food which sounds cheesy as I thought it would be. If I had to be brutally honest, I suck at gaining attention with my hectic stories. So let’s get things straight, I’m just a random desi girl who’s in her mid 20’s who can’t cook even though, food is something I enjoy the most :/. Sad story, eh? Did some serious thinking and was like it gotta be normal cause my mother didn’t know how to cook certain food after she got married. I on the other hand never entered the kitchen unless I get hungry. So why not do a small change where I will explore, educate and cook 🙂
Surprisingly, I have supporters on this so called journey aka my milestone, I guess. They will be trying out some creation as I pray that I don’t end up food poisoning anyone. I’ll practically show you guys what food to try and restaurants to check out. Hopefully, I can share my love for food on this blog since I’m lucky enough to have a multicultural and religious background where food is a must in any kind of occasion.  ❤


Officially Blogging…

To make things short, I’m officially back, for real 😛
I couldn’t blog for like a year due to stuff, I kinda needed some time to be away from blogging cause of health issue and some “stuff”.(will blog about it when I feel ready.) It was extremely stressful, I got in a car accident, almost lost a person (thankfully, they’re okay) and I myself wasn’t in a good position in life. There’s more, but I think, I should shoot out positivity in my blog. Surprisingly, I could smile all this. For those who don’t know, when I get stressed out where I actually want to cry my soul out which will end in a month or so. I would actually do something stupid. I guess that’s how my rebel personality is created. My favourite uncle who is a known photographer took us to Wonderland. My family and I just went through so many emotions after hearing that someone I love more than anyone was in the hospital. Sadly, as the oldest child, I couldn’t keep my emotions in (will continue with the story later). Anyways, my godmother thought it was good for me and my siblings to do something fun. so, we went to something, got on rides and I manage to go on the Behemoth. My mother still wonders why but I haven’t mentioned anything…
The only reason, I started blogging is because of the cute messages that I get from you also known to I got an msg from an amazing yet talented Indian on how funny my posts were, a year ago :P. I personally don’t take these msgs seriously unless they mention something from my posts and tell me something related to it. But you had no clue on how much it made my day. What made it extremely amazing is when it’s someone who doesn’t live in Canada. Lastly, I have two people or more who are taking in control of all my social media and career. God Bless My Soul ❤


Happy Birthday Lady V

One day, I was looking down from the balcony in a really bad mood, hating my life. And there you were, trying to start a conversation with me, by bringing up some random topics. When I think about it, it was quite hilarious. You never stopped talking. Seconds later, I was eventually forced to be your friend. Never expected that we would’ve been besties after a second I found out that I met another version of me. It’s quite weird… our life is the same, our family is the same… and if I wanted I would continue but the list is extremely long for me to type.I remember I was soo EXCITED to finally meet another version of ME that I had to tell it to someone in my family 😀 . All I know was the fact my mom almost fainted. Not sure what was on my mom’s mind but our personality ain’t that horrible, right?
You sure made my day when you randomly asked me out, once school was done. I was expecting to see your face, next semester. But, I guess, I was wrong. I sure did love the adventures we got ourselves into. Eventhough, we got ourselves in trouble whether a sports car was stalking us (I was innocent :/ ) or the fact we waiting outside innocently in the rain when some random brown dude honked at us. But I did actually learned something important on that day, which was, that we had to scream as loud as you can and run. Not boxing his face. Remember the time we almost got chased by your neighbourhood dog. Or the fact that we actually got to meet a ghost (I did not steal its candy -_- …. I was lucky enough to get a free candy at the vending machine #smh). We sure did love to get ourselves in trouble.
I didn’t really know what to say when you kidnapped me from school just to eat doubles. Or the fact you took me into another city #smh. Thank god, my parent doesn’t know about this. Otherwise, I would have been grounded as usual #Meh. Believe it or not, you really know how to get me out of stuffs. Whether it was a situation that had been bothering for years. All the random stuffs you do to put a big smile on my face and laugh til tears come out. Well, no one hasn’t done that for me at all and even if they did. I didn’t really get to see them that much since they’re too busy. After doing a lot, I sure do wander if we had crossed each others path in this life.
Now that I’m on the end of this birthday letter/speech/ essay/ paragraph… whatever this thing is called. I just wanted to say that I would always love you as much as each wave touches the shore. I will always be by your side whether I’m normal or not. You will always be my Bestie, Butthead, Twin, Bunny, Lil Sis, Childhood Bestie and etc. Why do we have so many nicknames for each other? Oh wait, we’re cool like that.
Anyways, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
Hope you get spoiled with tons of love and presents as years pass by.
I know that you will choose the best and wise choices in life, as you’re an adult.
Now that we’re old we could go to Tim Horton and buy hot chocolate and a double chocolate 😛
p.s. I’m taking you out for a birthday treat once school is done. ❤
p.s.s.We seriously need to get a professional person to take our pics :/


The Duchess Of Ceylon <3

After thinking A LOT, I decided to give myself a new makeover. Which meant, I had to delete A LOT of blog posts and change the settings for my blog. Wait, What? What’s going on and Why on earth would you do that!!! Well, Its actually a really, really, long story… As you can see, I felt that this blog wasn’t really me. So I decided to change the whole thing and do what I always wanted to do. Just like my close friends who tend to worry about me for numerous reasons would always say, “ Do what your heart say but don’t forget to bring your brain with you”. So here I am building a proper blog for myself and restarting my life like the way I had always planned. So here I am changing my blog name to Ajitha Kala to That Tamil Girl to The Duchess Of Ceylon. Its not weird, right? I’ve been always treated as a princess as a kid and I did enjoyed it. But as you get older, it tend to get extremely annoying. No matter how much you tried to be a bad girl or a rebel. The inner princess a.k.a the real you will do its best to come out. So here I am officially giving up on being something which I am not or will be in the future. I’ve gotten a lot of people worried cause I’ve been busy searching for the real me for the past ten years of my life. I guess, I got my life ordered since that’s the real me. So here I am planning to writing stuffs on my journal as I can’t wait publish these posts. Sigh, I’m gonna wait here at my castle as my best friend comes to kidnap me, as usual. Til then I hope I didn’t give anyone trouble with the sudden changes 😛

Spring Makeup Favourites 2014

Hello my beauties, I just got some products that my mom bought me. This means that I get to review them and tell you guys, which are my favourite. Just to let you know, I hardly write posts for makeup; since, I don’t wear makeup. I just wear them, when the times come or when I feel like it which is rare. Anyway, spring has officially arrived in Canada. Which, I’m super excited to start writing blog posts about my adventures, again. Why don’t I start typing away my favourite makeup and review them for you 🙂 .

Right now, I’m currently wearing Clinque hula skirt nail polish. It has that spring colour and theme. I’m just wearing it cause I know that it would be something that M.I.A. would wear. Not sure, if it’s just me but the smell of the nail polish is not that strong, comparing to the others. Besides that the colour stands out beautifully. The two other Clinque nailpolish I have are Clinque Splash and Clinque Summer In The City.

The Chubby sticks that I currently own are Pudgy Peony, Mega Melon and Curviest Caramel. Once applied on the lips, it feels moisturize as if it was a chapstick with pigments. You wouldn’t need to worry if its look good with your skin tone since the colour fades and gives out a nice neutral colour. If you’re a type of person, who doesn’t enjoy wearing lipstick at all, like me. Then, I insist, that you should try out this product. I would say that it would be something that I would enjoy wearing, everyday.

When it comes to eyeliner, I would stick to L’Oreal Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner, which I mention before on my makeup post. If I do find new eyeliner, I will promise to update you guys with it. The reason on why, I chose not to wear it is because this eyeliner was easy to apply on my eye comparing to the others. Check it out if you want to know more about this eyeliner. Link is posted 🙂 https://theduchessofceylon.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/makeup-favourites/

For my face, I enjoy wearing BOBBI BROWN BB Cream SPF 35.It gave me more than I expected. Anyway, as I applied the BOBBI BROWN BB Cream SPF 35, on my face, it hid everything really well such as scars, uneven tones and much more. I just treat this product as a foundation eventhough foundation and Bb cream are a bit different. I got a really nice natural finish and hope that you will enjoy this product as I did.

p.s. there will be another makeup post next month