The Belly Rules the Mind ♡

As the type of person who would not survive if cooking was the only option to save my life! I have concluded that I shall learn how to cook in case of anything serious like a Zombie Apocalypse. Therefore, I invite you to my Food Adventure, Virundhu. Instead, I present my version of the definition, Virundhu, a feast to serve guests luxuriously. This will allow me to share my cooking perspective and serve my guests exclusively on this blog.

Most of you who have been tracking me on social media recognize how I am in the kitchen. I can’t guarantee that I haven’t burnt the house down or killed a few souls with my cooking. So let’s get things straight; I’m just a random Tamil low-key Mafia who’s in her late 20’s who can’t cook even though food is something I appreciate the most. An unfortunate story, eh? I did some deep reflection and was like; it has to be typical because my mother didn’t know how to cook particular dishes before she got married. On top of that, I never entered the kitchen unless I was starving. So why don’t I change myself where I will explore, educate and cook.

That said, the rise in food content on social media platforms is questionable—speculating if it’s due to Covid. With so many food bloggers/influencers on social media, I had personally decided to examine every food-related account that I had come across and started my analysis—mainly caused by boredom that covid had inspired me to do. I decided to go through everyone’s social media account with a neutral mind. Hopefully, with what I have monitored, I can modify and share my aspect of food content soon.

Please Excuse my face; I felt awkward.

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