During the past nine years, “The Duchess of Ceylon” has faced various obstacles and outgrowths. Moving forward, the Blog itself recognized it had been incomplete due to the variety of readers that it held. Hopefully, the new and renewed Blog has served you somehow with the criticism I perceived. Hence, we have made it best for our readers to take part in the Blog.

interior of grand mansion hall with pillars

The following modifications on this Blog are:

Google Translate: You can now read the Blog in various languages. Please note that “The Duchess of Ceylon” will not participate in any grammar or misunderstanding caused by the Translator App. Google translate is supposed to assist you in understanding what I compose; However, it might mislead you as most technologies have not been established correctly.

Text to Speech: Due to circumstances, most of us don’t have the opportunity to read due to our schedule, or it might be that we might have difficulty reading due to specific requirements. Therefore, the Blog has made it simpler for you not to miss out!

Caution: The Blog post may not be silly as it used to be. If you do feel uncomfortable, please dismiss the post as I do not wish to harm your emotions in whatever way since the Blog may be based on real-life incidents.

Review & Opinions: Most of the Products or specific Events are based on my perspective.Sadly, I understand that not all humans are the same when it comes to having opinions or having the same purpose. 

Episodes: Episodes are my way to control my OCD issues as I believe in perfection. Hence, you will see multiple usual posts that I had re-edited and reposted. Furthermore, if there are specific posts that you are searching for, please explore in the “Search” button.

Therefore, I have concluded my message and will post my first episode soon.

The Duchess of Ceylon

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