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I’ve realized that Facebook pages have no purpose to me nor does Facebook, itself. Not sure if it’s the fact that I’m losing interest or the fact that my older family members are currently active on social media. This means serious FBI will be researched on my Facebook account regardless of how active or not I am. Therefore, I will be doing some sudden changes and use my actual Facebook profile as my portfolio.It’s the perfect way to showcase my work and personality. As, I am aware that most companies will figure a way to search you up, anonymously. Which is perfectly fine to me as I have nothing to hide.

The poll that I requested you guys to do earlier this month allowed me to do some serious reasoning to figure out what my next decision for my Facebook account. From what I know so far, are people who live within Asia are active than the ones living outside of Asia.The reason may vary due to different ages, lifestyles or situations. Since I’m losing interest and have OCD issues where my Facebook page is not in use and is unorganized. I will delete it permanently by the end of Summer 2020. During this decision, I will NOT add people who I’m not close with since I will like my personal life to remain private. As I’m extremely overprotective of my family and my grown ass friends. God bless them all <3. However, I will expose people who do have a purpose in their life and tries to be recognized with the work they do. (The option to follow me will remain public)

Til then, Peace <3

Anulakshmi Vaira
Anulakshmi Vaira

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