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As a kid, I used to gush about the times on what kind of treats I will be receiving or the kind of cards I might be getting. You had no clue, how big of a deal it is to collect the good looking cards during those kinds of days. It was also the top 3 holidays I admire. Even now, I still do admire Valentine’s day. 

However, I realized that as you grow older, the perspective of a holiday may change depending on your circle. 

According to my perspective on valentines day is that :

  • a child will shower love to everyone 
  • A teen will shower love to their friends or lover 
  • An adult will shower love to their lover only or who they feel like.

Then there are some people whose similar to me who see Valentine’s day differently…

Usually, on this day, I don’t nor would I expect a proposal or gifts at all. But I rather take advantage of this day and be there with someone who I truly love and has time for me ( it can be my family or friends). 

I think its extremely ridiculous for a man/woman to pamper or take their other half on this day when they can do it every day. This can also apply to family/soulmate/friends. Isn’t that what love is truly is?

There’s a lot more I can say about holidays that I’m truly not a fan of but I guess a time will come for me to express myself within those holidays.

Anulakshmi Vaira
Anulakshmi Vaira

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