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I’ve been obsessed with roses since the day my dad would purposely take a two-year-old me, near the rose garden, just to take pictures. I believe its a typical thing in the Asian community. I always tried growing flowers in my room that had a little sunlight with little hope. Yet, it just ends up dying which makes my life more gothic as usual. Therefore, I decided to brighten up my room with paper roses. After discovering that I know how to make roses a bit realistic, I decided to make more for my friends. The Blue roses were for Amanda Aka Lady V while the orange roses were for my bro and his family. Going to remake his flowers soon, tho…


Step 1: Cut Paper

Find a random paper and make four EQUAL squares out of it.

Step 2: Fold the Paper

Fold it twice. Then Diagonally.

I tend to double fold due to OCD issues.

Step 3: Cut irregular Semi-Circle

Keep it Fold and cut irregular Semi-Circle.

Step 4: Cut Parts

Unfold your cut

Cut 1st petal of the first paper, the 2nd petal on the second paper, 3rd petal on the third paper and 4th petal on the fourth paper.

Step 5: Curl Edges

Arrange the petals as I did.

Find the skinniest accessory to curl your the irregular Semi-Circle.

I used the Paintbrush to help me. Viola!

Step 6: Glue 

Glue one petal over the other.

According to the petals which were arranged, carefully glue the bottom of each petal toward the other petal. Cut the bottom petal as needed.

Hope you enjoyed it !!!

P.s. If you do use hot glue for the roses instead of regular glue. Try to clean up the pieces before or after your master piece and try to be creative as well <3

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