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After a huge debate with myself, I officially got my eyes done by no other than Nyrthy. Since I had healthy and somewhat nice eyelashes. I wasn’t feeling like myself. I wanted my eyes to be glammed up. So, she suggested me to stick with classics instead of a hybrid due to the way my lashes were. But look at me now :P.

Before I continue about this topic. Please do your research on your eyelash technician because you may permanently damage or cause trouble to your health or eyelashes. I, on the other hand, took the risk because I knew my eyelash technician who was my childhood friend sibling and I was aware of her talent and characteristics. That’s my reason and I’m grateful for it. So please do your research <3

Her Link: https://www.instagram.com/queensinthe6ix/

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History of eyelash extension

Eyelash extensions were discovered in the 19th century. People from Paris have figured on how to make false eyelashes by getting real human hair sewn into their eyelids. This procedure was so painful that no anesthetics nor cocaine were used to numb the pain. Let’s not forget that it was one of the must-have procedures at that time. Later on, falsies were later introduced and people found safer ways to wear eyelash extensions.

What to be aware of when making an appointment with your lash technician?

Your eyelash extension will take place in a room that looks like a dental or doctors room. The room has a seat with sanitary pillow covers, sterilize tweezers and disposable eyelash brushes. Your lash technician will wear a mask and must know the answer to all your questions. Even about the ones that you’re uncomfortable about. But please do ask before they start working on your eyelashes. Try avoiding makeup when arriving at your appointment. Be aware that your technician washes their hands between clients or before she/he works on your eyelashes. Make sure that the eyelash technician DOESN’T have a glue that has formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes redness, irritation and itchiness towards your swollen eyelids.

Now What?

Price range

If you’re a person who is extremely picky about money. Just note that the price of the eyelashes will be exact depending on the place you go. But if you do go for fill-in, you save a lot more money and time. FYI, a fill-in is done after you had your first eyelash extension, it takes at least two to three weeks to get a fill-in depending on how well your eyelashes are kept well.

Lashes according to your eyes

I thought that eyelash extensions fit every individual eye just like falsies. But it’s not like that. Falsies are amazing and everything. Yet, you wear it for a day and take it off while extensions last at least a month depending on how good you take care of them.

When I went to my eyelash technician, Nyrthy from “Queeninthe6ix”. I told her that I wanted a hybrid but she told me that my eyes can’t accept that due to the type of natural lashes I had. Believe it or not, I was kind of upset. Even though I was stubborn emotionally, I just trusted her with all my guts. In the end, the results were amazing and were similar to the hybrid that I wanted so badly. Extremely thankful for having her as my technician and making my first-time experience amazing. Can’t wait to get mines done again.

The moral of the story was to do research or allow your lash tech to choose what lashes are appropriate for your eyes.

Your eyelash technician must know everything!!!

Your eyelash technician must know what’s best for you and your eyelashes. That starts from the type of material, size, shape and structure to the price that your willing to spend.

There are so many kinds of lashes that an eyelash technician can provide but from what I know is that these are the top three types were Synthetic Mink, Mink and Faux Mink lashes. Even though, I still having trouble knowing what’s the difference. I fully avoided having real mink fur on my eyes.

When it comes to density, curl, and length of your extensions, you’ll want to work with your tech to figure out which is the best option for you.

Thank God for Queensinth6ix <3

Eyelash Extension Routine

YES, your eyelashes do have a ROUTINE which means that your skincare routine must change !!!

Once your eyelash technician completed arranging your beautiful eyelash extensions on. You would have to be extra careful on not letting any water or oil-based or cream-based product near your eyes for the next 24 hours as it may break the glue that’s keeping your eyelash extensions glued on. Even after the next 24 hours, you must avoid wearing any oil-based or cream-based products which include makeup or skincare products.

You are required to brush your lashes every morning and night including even after the shower so they don’t get tangled. I prefer carrying a spoolie in my purse all the time (A spoolie is a mascara brush.). Your Eyelash Tech may provide you with a spoolie and a cleanser to help your lashes to last longer and cleaner. The product will clean out the eye booger out as well as detangling your extensions. If you choose not to clean your eyelash extensions, then you may have to deal with the real issues such as having a white crust (that may be caused by dirt and sweat) between your natural lashes and extensions. This will cause eye infection and lead to having more eyelash extension to fall sooner.

To keep your eyelashes extension to last longer, make sure you follow your eyelash extension routine as well as avoiding rubbing or tugging at your eyes. You also must sleep on your back to keep your eyelash extension neat. No side sleeping or stomach sleeping, just back.

Make a Wish

Your lashes will fall naturally within six to eight weeks depending on how well you look after them and the type you get. But if your lashes do fall out earlier than expected; it may mean that the tech has not applied your lashes properly.

You might notice bald spots in some places and its practically normal. What matter is that your eyelashes will grow back regardless. Try making a wish when you get a chance to 😉

Please Do Listen to YOUR eyelash tech 

They know what’s best for you and your eyelashes. They wouldn’t want to harm you or your health in any means.

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