Monthly Thoughts – August 2019

This blog post is inspired by Thiva Mua and I personally, thought it was a great way for people to catch up with me on my life and upcoming projects. I also thought it would give me an idea on how I can improve on myself by learning some of the mistakes that were unrecognizable. Thiva Mua did a “Weekly Thoughts blog” while I decided to a “Monthly Thoughts” version. I remember doing this kind of blog and had made a few people upset but this time, I’m gonna change from my mistakes.

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I’m doing a brainstorm of my projects as I wait till the time turns 2 p.m. so I can go and visit my favourite aunty. I also need to make goals for September so I can decide on what I need to accomplish as I feel that I’m a bit behind in life. Then again, I shouldn’t be harsh on myself as I, myself is a late bloomer.


I recently purchased a dress from ThaliaDress the dress was attractive but I wasn’t a huge fan of the stitching on the side, near the zip. Besides that, I love it. The price is extremely reasonable to me. Sadly, I couldn’t wear it to a birthday party cause I forgot to fill in my last name. which caused my order to arrive late. Hopefully, I get to wear the dress for an event soon. Otherwise, I think I’m gonna give it away, sell it or maybe debate.

I also purchased Nip & Fab products and Neostrata as I’m serious about my skincare routine. My goal is to remove all of my scars. This routine/products was inspired by Lady V skincare. So far, I’m enjoying it and my skin has been a bit clearer.


I don’t remember anything that I do during this summer but the fact that I had fun and met new loyal friends. The other thing was that I was soo busy organizing my life and having fun at the same time as my bestie Lady V, Kabali and much more.


  • Every single time, my bestie or I plan something during the last minute. It always end up being a flop. So I guess, we need to plan accordingly or maybe do a backup plan.
  • I get offended when people bring up my past especially when your background is involved and I can’t stop crying about it regardless of how much I try. It’s going to be a year soon and I don’t know what to say or do to move on. This past is still clinging on to me. Hopefully, I can do something where I can be able to let go. I might seek to rely on mantras for now…


I’m planning to work out or go and connect with nature for my mental detox. It’s supposed to help me gain more clarity of my visions in life and focus on my well being. Even tho, I’m excited that pumpkin spice is arriving, I really need to control my intake of caffeine and sugar as I am desperate to regain a healthy body. Last but not least, I still need to finish testing products. Can’t wait to get that over with !!!


Did you know that I create Youtube Videos?

Even though, I know what kind of content I want to post out there. I’m just nervous about how my video will be shown.

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