Aachi Tea Kaadai

Most of my customers get excited when they see me working. It tends to freaks me out a bit cause I don’t know them that well to have them hyped up, right? I remember asking them “why are you excited to see me?”, confusingly. They told me that, the whole building has spoken about the food and drink, I prepare for them. It doesn’t matter if you did it in proper steps, it’s was just too unique for them. Since it was me, I smiled and made them their teas and gave it to them with a huge grin. I was in deep thoughts. I thought they were joking around. I even thought how different the drinks I make from my coworkers to the way I make it. I ended the thoughts by thinking it was some kind compliment. Later on, my favourite customer randomly came and spoke to me regarding his shift and of course his food, lol. As I finish making his food, I told him the story of what the other people have mentioned about my so-called mysterious talent. He told me that they were right and he’s 100% sure that they aren’t joking. I guess the answer to your delicious food and drinks is that I make it with love.

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Photo by Fancycrave.com on Pexels.com

So I officially came to a conclusion to prepare myself to drop out of law school, just to open a tea kadai (also known as a tea store). Imagine how much customers I’ll get just to have ppl wanting me to make their own drinks. I feel soo evil lol.

Sadly, I haven’t came across a tea kadai in Sri Lanka. But in India, they have a ton of them.


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