Scared to Shit!!!

Due to my own personal privacy, I do not want to tell you what location I was or where I was at. So here’s the story…

My mother told me to call her before I left work. So I was trying to multi-task before going to the bathroom. Cause I’m the type of person who would walk slowly cause I love admiring things aka adhi adhi nathukhu. So while walking, someone actually picked up the phone. It was a guy voice and was shaky like if it was windy or something. I was like thinking that no one has a rough voice like that in my fam. So I looked at my phone and its still dialling to my amma and I was like hello and he was like hello and I was like shit. I’m talking to a ghost. And my phone is a prepaid phone so I cut the phone and ran to the door. But the door has a password so I had to take a long way. I was thinking don’t be scared but I swear a teardrop just rolled down my eyes. My amma called me and asked how come I didn’t pick up the phone. Didn’t you speak to me? I asked curiously hoping it was her. She was like no and I was scared more than before. I kept everything to myself til I was ready. I seriously felt that this ghost that I spoke on the phone may be a demon or so. So, I told my mom every single detail and etc. She was like stop being crazy its a double connection, it’s extremely normal. Had the same problem a few times. Since then my soul was relaxed.

P.s. You might wonder why I was bringing a phone while heading to the washroom. Well, the place I work at has a female washroom stall, I think that’s what its called. Whats cool about it is that it’s private and I can leave a wallet or my handbag on the counters and no one will try to steal it.


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