Lip exfoliator is used to remove dry, dead skin from your lips. For an example, your lips can look dry, rough or chapped where an exfoliator is needed to remove the dead skin cells.


The cause for dry, rough or chapped lips are by
– Lack of moisture
– Extreme Winds
– Lots of direct sunlight
– Lack of self-care.

Damaged lips can have many symptoms like excessive dryness, swelling, burning or bleeding.

Main three tips for exfoliating your lips:
1.) Be Gentle
2.) Don’t over exfoliate
3.) Always moisture after exfoliating

Here are some ways to get moist and pulpier lips:
– The Toothbrush 
– Lip Scrub
– Wash Cloth


The Toothbrush 
When the Toothbrush trend did come out. I, myself, did try it.
You must have a separate toothbrush for your teeth and lips cause we don’t any cross contamination. In order to use this technique, you must add oil or lip balm such petroleum jelly on your lips and brush the dead skin away, gently. Wipe off the access and apply lip balm on the lips should be silky smooth by now.

Personally, I’m against the toothbrush technique cause our lips are very sensitive.The person who brushes their lips tends to scare me.

Lip Scrub
The Lip scrub is usually made out of sugar, coffee grounds or oatmeal. Other ingredients are added depending on what the person would like to receive on the outcome of the product. I bought my lip scrub at Lush Cosmetics and I actually love plus its edible #awks.

In order to use the lip scrub, you must apply the “mix” on your lips and rub it in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. Then you can wash your lips with water. Apparently, your suppose to do this once or twice a week. But in my case, I just do it when its dry.

Wash Cloth
Call me weird but I prefer the washcloth technique over anything. Or maybe, its the fact I’m lazy.

I only use the Washcloth technique after I had taken a shower or wash my face. It works perfectly and scrubs the dead cells on the surface of the lips away. I see better results in this technique.


The benefits of exfoliating is
– Even out lips discolouration such as dark spots and melanin pigmentation
– Will receive a healthy and natural look.

– Always apply moisturizer like chapstick, petroleum jelly or balm.
– Never lick your lips after applying lip balm cause it takes the moisture away
– Scrub the lips softly especially when you’re using the toothbrush technique.


Don’t forget to comment below on your favourite technique or products that you use to exfoliate your lips.

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