My bestfriend and I had started doing vlogs on June 10th. Apparently, I was in charge of the editing and making sure the video was appropriate to share with the public. Since no one really knows me, I felt that Youtube will allow me to be real and show my lifestyle. Hopefully, our Youtube channel makes people smile during their horrible days. That’s what our channel goal is. The other excuse is that our computer storage is filled up. Hopefully, I could free some space on the computer.

That was the actual blog post I was about to published months or maybe a year ago. But now that the Youtube Channel has been put aside due to sudden changes in our life. Such as the fact that our schedule doesn’t allow us to meet each other or accomplish certain things.
Therefore, the vlog has come to end or so….Maybe…. But who knows…

But if i had to be brutally honest, I decided to avoid any kind of teamwork for now #peace

Some of the following videos that I shot and edited on my own. The rest is private due to the fact I was a bit annoyed.

“But that doesn’t mean I will stop making and editing videos. Currently getting my life straight at the moment.”

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