Food for Thought

Welcome to my food blog where I will cook and enjoy my food which sounds cheesy as I thought it would be. If I had to be brutally honest, I suck at gaining attention with my hectic stories. So let’s get things straight, I’m just a random desi girl who’s in her mid 20’s who can’t cook even though, food is something I enjoy the most :/. Sad story, eh? Did some serious thinking and was like it gotta be normal cause my mother didn’t know how to cook certain food after she got married. I on the other hand never entered the kitchen unless I get hungry. So why not do a small change where I will explore, educate and cook 🙂
Surprisingly, I have supporters on this so called journey aka my milestone, I guess. They will be trying out some creation as I pray that I don’t end up food poisoning anyone. I’ll practically show you guys what food to try and restaurants to check out. Hopefully, I can share my love for food on this blog since I’m lucky enough to have a multicultural and religious background where food is a must in any kind of occasion.  <3


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