I got myself tattoo’d

Your truly an addiction when people have something that resembles you that they carry along with them. In this case, my Lil sis decides to get a tattoo that represents me (I’m the light blue rose, incase you ask). Something that I haven’t imagined would happen. I got myself tattooed on my bestie aka cousins arm :O . how shocking is that?
Seriously need to stop repeating myself.


If I had, to be honest, it was my second time at the tattoo place. The first time I was at the tattoo place was with my step sister aka my one and only twin Aszee. This time it’s with one of my thangatchi Sanga. The tattoo she wanted to get was a cross which will cover her whole hand which I was against. In my desi culture, we usually cover our whole hands, feet, arms and half our legs with tattoo during special events. Having her tattoo covering her hand would something she might regret. You know us girls taking wedding seriously. You really need some kind of talent to pull off during your special event. I found these beautiful pictures that gives an idea of what I’m trying to say and NO, I’m not against any kind of tattoos.


I would have posted some pics of tattoos that looks horrible with their wedding gown but I just don’t want to kill the vibe and get them upset since their tattoo has meanings. But I did manage to find some sick tattoo pics with the desi culture.


I would of gotten myself a tattoo but later finalized that I will NOT due to career choice (sad life). If I ever did get a tattoo, it would have been Roman Numerals or my grandpa signature. Either way, as long her parents knew I was good. if I had, to be honest, I expect my future children or grandchildren to get a tattoo of me. Hopefully, someone got time to read this as I regret with someone tattoos.

Tattoo Advice: there’s none, everything is how you see it as.

p.s. Can’t wait for her hindu-wedding ceremony <3

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