We do Vlogs and it ain’t on the internet…

I was told many times on how I should be a comedian when I grow up. Like I even got called the next “Kevin Hart”, but the brown version. it’s extremely annoying to be called short but I guess it’s alright at the same time. I wouldn’t mind being a comedian but it’s really hard to be able to earn money and being stable at the same time such as the bills, school and etc… For me, it’s too stressful even though my mind is filled with ideas. My Lil bro Kabali told me to write it down but I chose not to due to the fact that I’m constantly travelling…
I’m kinda busy with my side dream job where I’m trying to find people who can work with me in the future and be part of my team. Sadly, I don’t really have the right amount of money to pursue my dream. So here I am, trying to complete school and get myself a diploma.
So… I kinda decided to work with one my younger siblings on a vlog where you will see my mischief. Just to let you know, I will NOT have my own youtube channel until I think I’m ready and confident. Plus, I’m really enjoying my private life.
We do Vlogs and it ain’t on the internet kinda trailer…
▫My hair is volumized straight & I forgot to brush my hair after taking a shower 😓
▫ I love vloging when she’s psst off cause it’s hilarious. 😝
▫ I can’t think of any at the moment except the fact that she made me run with her classmates aka police students in the rain which I don’t remember signing up for… 😕

Anulakshmi Vaira
Anulakshmi Vaira

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