To make things short, I’m officially back, for real 😛
I couldn’t blog for like a year due to stuff, I kinda needed some time to be away from blogging cause of health issue and some “stuff”.(will blog about it when I feel ready.) It was extremely stressful, I got in a car accident, almost lost a person (thankfully, they’re okay) and I myself wasn’t in a good position in life. There’s more, but I think, I should shoot out positivity in my blog. Surprisingly, I could smile all this. For those who don’t know, when I get stressed out where I actually want to cry my soul out which will end in a month or so. I would actually do something stupid. I guess that’s how my rebel personality is created. My favourite uncle who is a known photographer took us to Wonderland. My family and I just went through so many emotions after hearing that someone I love more than anyone was in the hospital. Sadly, as the oldest child, I couldn’t keep my emotions in (will continue with the story later). Anyways, my godmother thought it was good for me and my siblings to do something fun. so, we went to something, got on rides and I manage to go on the Behemoth. My mother still wonders why but I haven’t mentioned anything…
The only reason, I started blogging is because of the cute messages that I get from you also known to I got an msg from an amazing yet talented Indian on how funny my posts were, a year ago :P. I personally don’t take these msgs seriously unless they mention something from my posts and tell me something related to it. But you had no clue on how much it made my day. What made it extremely amazing is when it’s someone who doesn’t live in Canada. Lastly, I have two people or more who are taking in control of all my social media and career. God Bless My Soul ❤


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