One day, I was looking down from the balcony in a really bad mood, hating my life. And there you were, trying to start a conversation with me, by bringing up some random topics. When I think about it, it was quite hilarious. You never stopped talking. Seconds later, I was eventually forced to be your friend. Never expected that we would’ve been besties after a second I found out that I met another version of me. It’s quite weird… our life is the same, our family is the same… and if I wanted I would continue but the list is extremely long for me to type.I remember I was soo EXCITED to finally meet another version of ME that I had to tell it to someone in my family 😀 . All I know was the fact my mom almost fainted. Not sure what was on my mom’s mind but our personality ain’t that horrible, right?
You sure made my day when you randomly asked me out, once school was done. I was expecting to see your face, next semester. But, I guess, I was wrong. I sure did love the adventures we got ourselves into. Eventhough, we got ourselves in trouble whether a sports car was stalking us (I was innocent :/ ) or the fact we waiting outside innocently in the rain when some random brown dude honked at us. But I did actually learned something important on that day, which was, that we had to scream as loud as you can and run. Not boxing his face. Remember the time we almost got chased by your neighbourhood dog. Or the fact that we actually got to meet a ghost (I did not steal its candy -_- …. I was lucky enough to get a free candy at the vending machine #smh). We sure did love to get ourselves in trouble.
I didn’t really know what to say when you kidnapped me from school just to eat doubles. Or the fact you took me into another city #smh. Thank god, my parent doesn’t know about this. Otherwise, I would have been grounded as usual #Meh. Believe it or not, you really know how to get me out of stuffs. Whether it was a situation that had been bothering for years. All the random stuffs you do to put a big smile on my face and laugh til tears come out. Well, no one hasn’t done that for me at all and even if they did. I didn’t really get to see them that much since they’re too busy. After doing a lot, I sure do wander if we had crossed each others path in this life.
Now that I’m on the end of this birthday letter/speech/ essay/ paragraph… whatever this thing is called. I just wanted to say that I would always love you as much as each wave touches the shore. I will always be by your side whether I’m normal or not. You will always be my Bestie, Butthead, Twin, Bunny, Lil Sis, Childhood Bestie and etc. Why do we have so many nicknames for each other? Oh wait, we’re cool like that.
Anyways, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
Hope you get spoiled with tons of love and presents as years pass by.
I know that you will choose the best and wise choices in life, as you’re an adult.
Now that we’re old we could go to Tim Horton and buy hot chocolate and a double chocolate 😛
p.s. I’m taking you out for a birthday treat once school is done. ❤
p.s.s.We seriously need to get a professional person to take our pics :/


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