After thinking A LOT, I decided to give myself a new makeover. Which meant, I had to delete A LOT of blog posts and change the settings for my blog. Wait, What? What’s going on and Why on earth would you do that!!! Well, Its actually a really, really, long story… As you can see, I felt that this blog wasn’t really me. So I decided to change the whole thing and do what I always wanted to do. Just like my close friends who tend to worry about me for numerous reasons would always say, “ Do what your heart say but don’t forget to bring your brain with you”. So here I am building a proper blog for myself and restarting my life like the way I had always planned. So here I am changing my blog name to Ajitha Kala to That Tamil Girl to The Duchess Of Ceylon. Its not weird, right? I’ve been always treated as a princess as a kid and I did enjoyed it. But as you get older, it tend to get extremely annoying. No matter how much you tried to be a bad girl or a rebel. The inner princess a.k.a the real you will do its best to come out. So here I am officially giving up on being something which I am not or will be in the future. I’ve gotten a lot of people worried cause I’ve been busy searching for the real me for the past ten years of my life. I guess, I got my life ordered since that’s the real me. So here I am planning to writing stuffs on my journal as I can’t wait publish these posts. Sigh, I’m gonna wait here at my castle as my best friend comes to kidnap me, as usual. Til then I hope I didn’t give anyone trouble with the sudden changes 😛

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