Spring Makeup Favourites 2014

Hello my beauties, I just got some products that my mom bought me. This means that I get to review them and tell you guys, which are my favourite. Just to let you know, I hardly write posts for makeup; since, I don’t wear makeup. I just wear them, when the times come or when I feel like it which is rare. Anyway, spring has officially arrived in Canada. Which, I’m super excited to start writing blog posts about my adventures, again. Why don’t I start typing away my favourite makeup and review them for you 🙂 .

Right now, I’m currently wearing Clinque hula skirt nail polish. It has that spring colour and theme. I’m just wearing it cause I know that it would be something that M.I.A. would wear. Not sure, if it’s just me but the smell of the nail polish is not that strong, comparing to the others. Besides that the colour stands out beautifully. The two other Clinque nailpolish I have are Clinque Splash and Clinque Summer In The City.

The Chubby sticks that I currently own are Pudgy Peony, Mega Melon and Curviest Caramel. Once applied on the lips, it feels moisturize as if it was a chapstick with pigments. You wouldn’t need to worry if its look good with your skin tone since the colour fades and gives out a nice neutral colour. If you’re a type of person, who doesn’t enjoy wearing lipstick at all, like me. Then, I insist, that you should try out this product. I would say that it would be something that I would enjoy wearing, everyday.

When it comes to eyeliner, I would stick to L’Oreal Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner, which I mention before on my makeup post. If I do find new eyeliner, I will promise to update you guys with it. The reason on why, I chose not to wear it is because this eyeliner was easy to apply on my eye comparing to the others. Check it out if you want to know more about this eyeliner. Link is posted 🙂 http://theduchessofceylon.com/2013/09/18/makeup-favourites/

For my face, I enjoy wearing BOBBI BROWN BB Cream SPF 35.It gave me more than I expected. Anyway, as I applied the BOBBI BROWN BB Cream SPF 35, on my face, it hid everything really well such as scars, uneven tones and much more. I just treat this product as a foundation eventhough foundation and Bb cream are a bit different. I got a really nice natural finish and hope that you will enjoy this product as I did.

p.s. there will be another makeup post next month

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