Right now I’m enjoying the beautiful view while studying for all of my subjects.I had a weird life nowadays. I tried to be Shiva who is a well-known Hindu god. But it’s getting complicated because people are picking on me for no reason. I’m always getting into problems and etc.This Saturday, my best friend Amanda and i had gotten our Cpr license.yay us!!! and we had an actual tough day during our cpr class.I think I had met a ghost but not sure.It started with the vending machine.I was so hungry that I went to the vending machine. I got myself Lays and I also got a gum for free. That is what I call is my lucky day.Later on, class ended which meant that I could chill. we found some papers regarding how we should study. It had so much great tips that I might put a few on my next blog. while searching for some papers the lights above us started flicking and the security cameras actually shut down. The weird part was that there was no security around us. the door nearby made a noise and there was no one there at all. We decided to leave as soon as possible.I’m kinda freaked out but wasn’t sure what that was all about.On the bright side, no one was hurt.All I know that it could be a ghost or I might have magical powers that I’m not used to using. I’m gonna go and find out what was that was all about. Til then see ya.


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