isn’t it funny that certain people can’t keep their promises but they expect other people to keep their promise.well thats me,right now.I have been so busy that I haven’t followed my schedule.I even hadn’t done any blogs which makes feel like im letting people down.But I know that people will understand.I might be too lazy to check for any mistakes on my blog before posting this.Oh well, I dun think that matter right now. I haven’t done any makeup favourites.I had been thinking of my future and all I know is that im way behind.For some reason, there is something missing in my life. I do not know what it is and I have a feeling that its obvious. what ever it is . im gonna be leaving it alone because I need to focus on my studies. I have so much going on. at the end of my studies, im gonna look similar to Albert Einstein and have tons of smoke coming out of my ears. whenever I had done any sort of test that involves with math.I end up acting weird which is freaky but then again, I can’t focus or be serious at the time.Just one more week , til I get to free myself. i had been leaving my stuffs unattended like a wallet , laptop and etc.i asked a stranger to look after them for me and it looks like it’s in a good condition and none of my money had been taken. im glad that there are nice people around my area.i can’t wait for autumn, so i can take pictures and post it on my Facebook page. im still working on the page and hope it becomes a great socializing page but im still looking for a name for my page since i do not want my blog and photography to be mixed up together.All i can say right now is that my Facebook page will have everything that involves with me whether it’s a blog , photography, my thoughts and anything that had interested me to do .Til then, see ya and i hope i do well on my test and get good grades.i’ll try not promising anything unless i know i can keep it.

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