I’m very boring, for now…

So I had been thinking that I should start blogging. The truth is that I feel like I’m procrastinating a lot which is a bad thing. I just realized that I need to get myself a social life. I haven’t seen my friends for a long time except the ones that I recently met. They are super nice and one of the amazing things is that she has the same exact personality as me but we are different in a way and the other friend I met is athletic which is great. I could start playing soccer and competing someone. I used to be a sport type as a kid then something happen. I don’t really know. Anyway, I have to go out and socialize. I had been trying hard to cook breakfast for my siblings and I end up burning them. On the bright side, my lil bro Aj loves his burnt crispy bacon. My pancake looks good and perfect but when I try to flip it. It ends up being a weird thing. I hope that my cooking improves. I also had been having weird nightmares. It’s hard to talk about it and I want to know why I have them. Half of my dreams, Jack Sparrow comes and rescues me which I’m thankful. But at times he won’t come. The only time I become brave is when my friend, family or any strangers who is really needs me. I just don’t like being in danger not even seeing others in danger. So yeah that’s all I have to say. If something amazing or funny happened, ill just say it in a huge post; since something like that always happen to me.


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