40 things that you know that you’re a Sri Lankan (relates to every Tamil and Sinhalese)

Before you read the list below, I had to make sure that it relates to both tamil and Sinhalese people.As we call it the sri lankan people. Had done some research, hoped that you laughed at some of them;since, I worked hard on them.Done some research and most of it related to the sri Lankans who lived at sri lanka.so I had to think of all the memories and sri lankan gossips I had heard over the years .

1)     You use banana leaves instead of plates, to eat rice and curry

2)     Your last name is long

3)     You eat string hoppers ,coconut milk and a three- course curry meal for breakfast

4)     You call an older person you`ve never met before uncle or `aunty`

5)     You go back to your parents` country and people treat you like a member of the royal family

6)     Your parents drink 3 cups of tea a day

7)     When you were a child, your parents must had dressed you and your siblings as twins.

8)     Your Parents aren`t afraid to chase you down the street and slap you if you had done something wrong.

9)     When you tell people you`re NOT from India, and that you`re from Sri Lanka, they say `ohh okay,` but really, they think it’s all the same thing.

10)  Every world cup we say “let’s do it like 1996”

11)  The daughter isn’t allowed out with her friends until shes like 20

12)  Cheap is not an insult, it is a way of life

13)  You get it on to baila or kuthu music.

14)  You tell your parents you got 98%, and they ask you what happened to the other two percent.

15)  EVERYONE is a family friend.

16)  When the car allows 7 people yet you seem to fit 20 in there!!

17)  Your parents compare you to all of their friends` kids.

18)  When cursing the Government is the highlight of every dinner conversation

19)  No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming over for a visit.

20)  At a function or party your parents say that their leaving, but often take another hour saying goodbye at the door.

21)  You salt and pepper your mangoes, and every other fruit you eat

22)  You cover tv remotes with plastic wrap to the point where u can’t even see the buttons

23)  You grew up on Marmite and Glucose powder…and often faked a stomach ache so that you could drink Gripe water.

24)  Your Parents` idea of a day off is sitting through long sermons in temples, churches or mosques

25)  When your parents say you can be anything in life…but really mean you either have the choice of being an engineer, doctor, lawyer or marrying somebody who is an engineer, doctor or lawyer.

26)  You open the fridge and see ice cream containers, open them excitedly to find they’re full of dhal or some other curry

27)  You say ‘short eats’ instead of appetizers

28)  When “roast paan” is always chosen over “naan bread”.

29)  Before an exam, students like to worship gods and they may have veebudi on their forehead.

30)  When we see our relative or someone that our parents know, we run and hide

31)    Mango milkshake is always a favourite at parties

32)    When a person who is not Indian or Sri Lankan can’t say our names correctly

33)    Get sick before going to Tamil/Sinhala school.

34)    Whenever your mother says kunju or pillai , you know that they want you to do something

35)    Back in the days amma or grandma will smother oil all over your hair.

36)    Have an older cousin who is old enough, to be your aunty or uncle

37)    A bucket and a cup will be found in every sri lankan washroom

38)    Sri Lankan girls love wearing red lipsticks and nail polish.

39)    When ever you go to on a vacation to Sri Lanka or India. The first thing that your parents will do is to go to every single temple in Sri Lanka.

40)    If had realized that half of the list that I wrote can be relate to, then you’re a Sri Lankan!!!

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