August Makeup Favourites

I love wearing the M.A.C nude lipstick. It’s amazing and has the best results. As an M.I.A fan, I make sure that I get something that she has. Whether it comes to makeup, hairstyles and clothes; my mom would be the one who tells me whether she accepts my style or not. I cannot buy anything without my mom approval and it has been one of my habits that is hard to get rid of. When I first decide to get myself a nude lipstick, I had trouble finding the right one. Some looked light on me and the others made me look like a weird creature. So what I learned from finding the right nude lipstick is that we should get a shade that is one or two shades lighter than your skin. For me, I have a medium brown color skin. So I got myself a M.A.C lipstick called Shy Girl. It has my Favourite so far.

The eyeliner that I love to wear is called L’Oreal Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner. This was the first eyeliner that I owned. It’s easy to use and goes on smoothly. Eventhough it smudges, this was one of the best eyeliner that I had used. The advice that I can give you, right now, is to bring a mirror, don’t touch your eyes and try not to cry.

The mascara that I loved to wear was called Estee Lauder Double wear zero smudge length mascara.If I had to be honest right now, I can’t tell the difference between mascara but I could tell you whether it has volume or clumps. This mascara had no clumps at all.

I hope that you had enjoyed my blog and I’ll try my best to keep blogging.I’m new to this thing .so im gonna try to get use to this. 🙂

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