My baby cousin

So my favorite aunty came to my house all the way from Brampton at April 13,2013. She also brought my favourite twins who were my baby cousin. They are in grade 2.its amazing how fast they can grow. To me, they were one of my special kid’s causes I met them when they were just a baby and eventually we got to grow up together. Sometimes, they were annoying but I love them til the day I get old .I didn’t got to see their big brother because he was at his friends party. But I love him too. The funny part was that the last child Shalu would be attached to me. While Anu is attached to my lil sis Abi .And you know the rest. My lil cousin Praveen will always be with Aj. Even though the twins don’t know me, the last kid was still attached to me .which was like shocking to me, in a good way.

who knew that kids would be so open about their everyday life. They told me that I should not eat junk food, everyday .they also told me that they were trying to get stronger by exercising .they were the cutest kids, I ever met. When they told me that they could speak Hindi, I was shocked. I was kind of offended but was happy. To be honest, I don’t mind at all .if they know Tamil, English or French. But if they told me that they know Hindi more than Tamil. That’s where I have to take action. But their Tamil is cute. When I was with Shalu, her mother asked her if she go and get her bag in the car. She said cherri but for me I would say ohm which is yes in Tamil .but cherri is also yes in Tamil. I might have to start to communicate in Tamil with my cousin before I forget how to speak Tamil. I love my baby cousins. The most awkward moment is when they told me that when I grow up. I get to become a mom. I was like I don’t want to be married in my head. But what can I do. So I was like I would want to be a grandma more than being than being a mom. They just smiled and kept on refusing on what I said. The weird part was that when Anu thought I was a mother already. I was like I’m not a mom yet and where is my baby. Shalu was like laughing while Anu is confused. According to me, never give the twins chips or they will become high. Before they left, they said thank you for reminding her about the bag that she almost forgot. Which seemed cute to me. They were also explaining their games, the planned to play. I was heart touched when they told me that they were going to miss me <3

What they said realized that I could be me. Just because ¼ people hate me, doesn’t mean I have to change for them. Friends may change but your family won’t.My bestfriend, had always been there for me and i had always treated her as if she was part of my family.Eventhough,my relationship with my family is complicated, doesn’t mean that we hate each other.My family tree is really huge because my parent has more than 5 siblings.Pretty much, I have a lot of cousins,neice, nephew, and grandkids, who are married and have kids of their own.Since my Siblings and i are thae last grandkids in my dad side.We tend to get spoiled a lot.Im not goin to lie but we love it.The part i hate about being last is that,people expect a lot from you.After writing all this,I feel proud of my parents.Raising my siblings and i properly and making sure that there is nothing is left out.

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