Best Day Ever!!!

It’s really hard to prank strangers or people on the internet cause I’m not sure what to write or say. Anyway, Happy April Fools (Which was supposed to be on Monday. Sorry about that)


Monday was the best day ever. It was something meaningful and special. I actually enjoyed class .we got to learn the difference between law, ethics, opinions and etc.I got to study for my math test for this Friday which seems easy. Let’s hope I actually get an A because I’m actually working hard for it. My friend Ami had taught me to understand math. I hated math ever since, ever, I guess. Sometime, I feel like Math hates me. But, my high school teacher Mr.C told me that math doesn’t hate me. I just have to try to work a bit harder, for me to start liking math. Ever since I had been working harder. Sometimes, I feel less motivated which makes me stop working harder. But I kind of admit that my friend Ami and Priscila inspires me to work hard and try to reach my goal. Back then, everyone supported me through which made me accomplish some of my dreams. Now, that I’m in college. My mum tells me that I’m not a baby, anymore. I have to take control over my life. To be honest, it’s really harder than you think. Whenever someone tells me that I’m an adult. I start hating my life for not achieving anything. One of my high school best friends named Abigail told me something that I shall not forget from that day till I die. According to the stuff that she wrote in my year book, I should start treating my life as a magical imagination. I have a lot of magical creatures that I need to defeat. I n order, for me to reach my dream (a.k.a the most powerful and magical crystal ball).I just realized that if I used my imagination, I would most likely achieve stuff. I would also be listening to the small version of me.

Let’s get back to my story, my friend and I love talking and walking around campus. When we were climbing the stair to get on the fourth floor, I saw the most hideous and disgusting thing on earth. Thank God, that I turned my head as fast as I can. It was a butt crack.I feel ashamed that he can’t tell that his butt was showing. You might tell me that isn’t it normal to see a butt crack. But this was not an ordinary butt CRACK. The butt overall showed. My friend and I just ran upstairs to the fourth floor. At that moment, we were disgusted and couldn’t stop laughing. As I think about it. It’s just too disgusting to talk about it.

As I’m typing this, my fish is jumping and making splashing noise in its tank. I have a feeling, they’re enjoying doing stunts.Fyi, my dad got four fishes from his company.Since their company Fish tank is full of baby fishes.I actually named a few.Matchi and Vali is one of them. I’m really confused on what to name the other two fish. Since their personality is really different from the girls.


That’s a wrap!!!

Get it, that was actually funny … LOL

Anyway love you guys and be safe 🙂

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