My little brother A.J.

I was looking through my blogs and was shocked to see this blog not posted. This blog was supposed to be posted on November 2012.So pretty, this blog talks about the relationship I have between my brother and I.

Lately, I had a feeling that I keep on complaining about my brother. This is alright for a sister that cares. But the things, that gets on my nerve is when my parents believe that my brother is innocent. Sometimes I’m there showing all the things they do but my brother gets away with it.Even my best friend Aszee, thinks I’m crazy for saying things like makes me really upset.

Usually, my parents give me lectures on how my little brother is innocent and on how I could be a great role model.To be honest, I kind of daydream during my parent’s lectures. So in their mind, I had been a great listener.Today, my dad and I had been talking about how I keep on complaining about my about my brother, like 24/7.The way my dad explained it reminded me of, one of my favourite characters on “Phineas and Ferb”. And that special character was named was Candace. She is my role model.If I had, to be honest, I know what she’s living through .only if people could understand Candace and I. Maybe, one day AJ can be caught for doing something that he wasn’t supposed to do.Til then, I should find my inner peace. <3

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