Happy New Year !!!

I know I’m soo late but Happy New Year!!!
I hope this year will bring happiness and luck to every single person out there.My parents came up to me and asked me on what my new year resolution was.To me, it didn’t really matter cause Tamil New Year is coming up and I could always restart my New Year resolution.
It’s been a very long time since u had been blogging.I don’t think my old post are called blogging.:$
So far, my life had so much happiness and sorrow.I had trouble trusting people.I didn’t know who was there for me and who was not.It was pretty much a rollercoaster with lots of emotions, for the past five months.I hope I don’t deal with it,again.2013 had been a great start so far.School starts next week and I’m really nervous.It doesn’t matter since I attract a lot of people with my kindness.I always tried avoiding to meet new friends.But, it’s really hard.As long my brain has everything under control.I should be safe 🙂

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